R4K (Ready for Kindergarten)


What are R4K and Family School Navigators?

R4K (Ready for Kindergarten) is an initiative of Perch Place, LLC. Its holistic approach brings a unique perspective to early childhood education, helping families ensure their children are best prepared for success as they begin school.

A Family School Navigator is a team member of R4K embedded at an elementary school located in Oneida and or Herkimer county and works with children ages 0-5 and their families. Their goal is to assist with any and all family members' needs to enhance the children's readiness for learning in PreK, Kindergarten and success in life.

How does this help and why do we need it?

Newborns to Preschoolers:
• Information for healthy development
• Assessment for needs (educational, social, emotional, and physical)
• Identify and address behavioral issues
• Prepare for Kindergarten
• Guidance and referrals to community services
• Monitor for improvement

Kindergarten and other School-Aged Students:
• Assessment for any additional needs (educational, social, emotional, physical)
• Attendance issues
• Guidance and referrals to community services
• Monitor for improvement

Parents & Families
• Linkage to services for basic needs (food, clothing, housing, heat, transportation, etc.)
• Health, education, employment issues
• Domestic Violence
• School relations

Dolgeville Central School Family School Navigator:
Joanne Zilkowski
315.429.3155 Ext. 1801
315.880.0553 Cell Number
Email Joanne Zilkowski