Welcome to Dolgeville Elementary School!

With an enrollment of about 410 students, Dolgeville Elementary School houses students in kindergarten through sixth grade. Every staff member at the school works collectively to provide curriculum and instruction aligned to the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards. The staff constantly looks to improve the art of teaching and instruction through monthly professional development opportunities, and they devise all programs with the academic and social-emotional needs of students in mind.

We believe one of the building blocks of a strong education is creating a school-home partnership with parents. We consider our students to be family and believe that learning starts at home. That means collaboration between teachers and families is critical to pave each student’s way to successful learning. We use many tools to foster our school-home relationships, including Parent Square, which allows us to connect directly with parents and families via personal messaging and class announcements.

Meanwhile, the academic programs at the school are built to grow each student’s core skills and encourage them to become leaders at an early age. We work toward teaching and reinforcing reading skills, and the school also has programs dedicated to Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) that incorporate LEGO robotics and 3-D printing activities.

Preparation for high school starts as early as fifth grade where students begin to experience departmentalized classes, meaning they have different teachers for their core subjects. These middle school students also have their own goal portfolio where monitor their own learning, reflect on what they need to do to achieve their goals, and enhance academic and social skills.

They embody the Dolgeville Middle School motto: “Dream big, make the right choices, and succeed through hard work.”