Proposition One

Proposition One: $12,854,400.

Work throughout the DCS buildings

  • Replace roof areas that are draining poorly, leaking, and that are aging out.

  • Continue to replace exhaust fans and aging unit ventilators and boilers.

  • Upgrade controls to HVAC equipment to improve temperature efficiency.

  • Address spalling brick and mortar.

  • Expand generator distribution for emergency power.


Bus Garage Renovations

  • Create a driver’s training room, rest rooms, and a new office space (includes fixing piping issues).

  • Address storm water that sheets across the parking lot. The water that comes off the roof currently presents a safety issue during the winter and during heavy rains. Reconstruct concrete aprons (the area in front of the garage doors).


Work at the elementary school and athletic field

  • Add power (panels and receptacles) to the elementary school.

  • Upgrade field in the center of the track from natural grass to multi-purpose synthetic turf.