Connected Community Schools

Welcome to Your Community School.

What does it mean to be a Connected Community School?

The Community Schools model exists to make sure every student and family has the resources and support they need to be successful. By CONNECTING the existing resources within the community to our school, bringing in resources to address prevalent needs, like mental health or food insecurity, and bringing forth meaningful collaborations, we work to create a true “connection of community. Watch this video on what it means to be a community school.
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Because you are part of a community school, you have access to your very own Site Coordinator (see the contact information below), who is a Community Resource expert, to assist you in ensuring you have everything you and your family needs to succeed!

We strive to bring these resources to school campus when available:

  • Mental Health Satellite Clinic - The Neighborhood Center

  • Dolgeville Blue Devils One-Stop Shop located in Room 201. (see a list of items below)

  • LINK - LINK stands for Leaders in Networking Knowledge. LINK is a single point of access to resources and services in our community.
    » We can assist in LINK-ing you to these resources and services.


Our Services

  • Mental Health Resources

  • Medical/Dental Insurance

  • Housing

  • Care Management

  • Food/Clothing

  • School Supplies

  • Dental Providers

  • Medical Providers

  • Family Peer Advocate Referral

  • WIC

  • Food Stamps/DSS Assistance

  • Mentoring Referral

  • Prenatal Services

  • Probation

  • Support groups for teens

  • Catholic Charities

  • United Way

  • Tutoring

  • Drug & Alcohol Services

  • OPWDD Services

  • Early Intervention

  • ICAN

  • And... many more!



Sarah Williams-Herringshaw

Program Manager, Community Schools
Dolgeville Central School
Email Sarah Williams-Herringshaw
Office: (315) 429-3155 ext. 1802 (Elementary) ext. 2162 (High School)
Cell (315) 985-0288


Katie Rockwell

Divisional Director, Community Schools
Dolgeville Central School
Email Katie Rockwell
Office: (315) 429-3155 ext. 1803
Cell (315) 404-3333

Blue Devils One Stop Shop

School supplies including: Pencils, erasers, pens, rulers, dividers, binders, glue, markers, crayons, pencil pouches, highlighters, backpacks, journaling notebooks, regular notebooks, scissors, book covers, dry erase markers, two fastener folders, and protractors. Additionally, the shop gets new items almost monthly.

It also has jackets, hats, mittens, some used clothing items, dental care items, personal hygiene items, socks, used shoes, some undergarments, emergency food boxes, homeless packets including some basic necessities such as soap, shampoo, pens, a notepad, stress reliever, etc. It also has packages of hand wipes.